Privacy & Security

Data is everywhere and it is more important than ever that we understand how to ensure the privacy of users.

Today technology and the data that it generates about us is so interwoven with our daily lives that it has become nearly invisible to users. Our cell phones gather GPS and use data, tracking our location. Applications we use store our credit card information and extensive activity logs. Smart home devices network with other devices in our home, all unseen.

Privacy is something that people value; but we don’t always see when it is slowly eroding. It is critical that we are attentive to the concerns of privacy while at the same time providing the tools and features that people want to use.

Now, perhaps more than ever, it is imperative that we better understand key concerns related to securing and anonymizing data across an ever-growing range of technologies. Nowhere else can this been seen more acutely than in the various recent data breaches which have exposed countless users private information and activity; data they believed to be safe and private.

Our research in Privacy and Security brings together a cross-disciplinary faculty to address the complex socio-technical challenges present. Whether it is exploring security concerns in ubiquitous computing, analyzing data collection and management practices in the Internet of Things, or studying how we can make privacy policies more useful, our faculty bring together their domain expertise to allow us to do groundbreaking work that touches the lives of millions.