How to Apply

How to Apply...

Please make applications through the School of Computer Science (SCS) unified online application process. (Make sure you choose "Societal Computing" on your application!) Please observe all deadlines mentioned in the online application process. All deadlines are final.

The application deadline, mailing address, and fees are the same as for other SCS PhD Programs. All application deadlines will appear on the application website.

Want some help with your grad school application?

Led by CMU graduate students, the CMU Graduate Application Support Program, offers applicants a chance to have their application materials reviewed by a member of the CMU community with a solid understanding of the admissions process.

To Learn More and Sign Up, check out either of their forms:
Google Form // Microsoft Form

 NOTE: In your statement of purpose, please identify the Societal Computing faculty member or members you think you might be most interested in working with. More information on the Societal Computing faculty and their research can be found on our Faculty page.

Admissions are made once a year in February.

In addition, please read CMU's consumer information page to learn more about being a smart consumer of educational services.